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Taking the fear out of change

Taking the fear out of change

Over the Easter long weekend I thought it would be a lovely idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit my Grandma in the country.

The local grocery store was closed Easter Friday, so naturally there was an influx of shoppers on the Saturday; myself being one of those shoppers.

After gathering my goods, I approached the checkout and to my luck there was only one person in line, so I was next to get served. However, whilst waiting to be served, I noticed the person in front of me was paying for their groceries via cheque. Being a city girl, I had no idea that cheque payments were accepted as a means to pay for groceries, however I quickly learnt that in a small country town where everyone knows everyone, it’s common practice to pay via this method.surprised young woman holding white empty paper isolated on white

I also quickly learnt that their store policy was to have a manager confirm the particulars of the cheque and then sign off on it. This process ended up being quite time consuming for the store, which resulted in a long line of customers waiting for the cashier to become available. The entire process seemed to take forever; in reality it was around 10 minutes.

My concern was the inefficiency of processing payments this way, which in turn annoyed other customers due to the backlog. When it came to be my turn to pay for my goods, I used PayPass. It was quick, simple and took all of 3 seconds to go through.

So my question for you is – can you imagine the time it would take to process payments if everyone paid by cheque? What would the cost be to your business if a process took 10 minutes when there are methods that are, in effect, 200 times quicker than possibly outdated processes?

This theory is easily translated to collecting and receipting tenant rent payments. With all the technology we have at our finger tips, why do agents still process tenant rent payments through very time consuming and methods?

The answer is quite simple; education. Education is key when changing people’s mindset and taking the fear out of change.

We’ve all been a victim of change and the worries that come with it. However, by using a third party’s rent payment system that has a strong focus on educating agents, tenants and landlords alike, the fear quickly turns into empowerment and a better understanding of what is now considered common practice in the Australian real estate industry.

If you would like to chat to one of our relationship managers about rent payment systems and the ways in which it can help you grow your real estate business, contact us today!

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