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Benefits to the landlord

Receiving your rent payments on time all the time is very important as a landlord. The iPayRent system provides landlords with better control and full visibility over your tenants’ rent payments. Used by leading Australian franchisors, franchisees and independent real estate offices, iPayRent is proven to ensure timely rent payments.

iPayRent allows your real estate office to:

  • Register tenants on-the-spot.
  • Set up an automatic rent payment that can start the following day.
  • Amend a tenant’s banking details immediately.

Having full visibility of all pending rent payments enables your real estate office to easily confirm whether tenants have paid their rent or not while identify tenants in arrears. Rent payments are made in real time and your real estate office is immediately made aware when a payment dishonours. This enables them to be pro-active when chasing arrears.

iPayRent is not limited to rent payments and tenants can also easily pay their water bills and bond to ensure invoices do not go unpaid.

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