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Tutorial videos

iPayRent tutorial videos

Looking for more information on iPayRent? We have developed a series of videos to provide both an introduction to the iPayRent platform but also to assist users to better understand some of the more powerful features it offers. There are nine videos in total and to access the entire series, please contact us using the form below or phone our customer support team on 1300 724 786 (Aust) or 0508 477 477 (NZ).

Find out more about how iPayRent will positively support your business…start watching now!


Video 2 – What is iPayRent?

This video provides a high level explanation of iPayRent and outlines the savings the payment system can offer your business.


Video 3 – Bank processing times

This video teaches you about the banking processing times and why they need to be taken into account when tenants process their payments.


Video 4 – How to be proactive

As it has been identified some tenants are resistant to changing their payment methods, so we determined how best to be proactive in the adoption process. We have received positive feedback that these methods are successful when approaching tenants about changing their rental payment system to iPayRent.


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