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“iPayRent is a cost effective method we use to ensure that our tenants pay their rent on time using direct debit. The service provided by iPayRent has been excellent with open lines of communication if we require any assistance with payments made or received from the tenants. Not only does it ensure that the rents are paid on time, it also ensures that we do not have unidentified bank deposits which can create confusion and errors. We would recommend iPayRent to all the Barry Plant offices looking for a dedicated direct debit payment system for their tenants.”
Aaron Silluzio – Director
Barry Plant Ivanhoe

“We implemented the Ray White Payment Gateway rental system (iPayRent) into our office in approximately May 2012.

Currently our office manages 755 properties and prior to implementing Payment Gateway, all rent was deposited into our Rental Trust Account, which meant that our Trust Account Manager would spend the mornings manually receipting rent and following up any unknown deposits.  This process would take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours a day.

Further to the above, tenants would continually “pop” into the office to pay cash over the counter, which would disrupt not only our Receptionist who would be required to receipt the rent, but also generally other staff members when the tenant would then decide they wanted to chat about other issues with the property- this simple payment of rent which should have only taken 5 minutes would blow out from anywhere up to 15 minutes – 1/2 an hour.

Implementing Payment Gateway into our office has substantially reduced the amount of time each morning that our Trust Account Manager spends receipting funds and it has almost completely disposed of any “unknown” funds coming through the account.

Now into our 2nd year of using Payment Gateway, we believe that the time saved is in the vicinity of nearly 30 hours a week over the entire office, which has been a huge saving on the business. This time saved has enabled us to implement other procedures into our office, which is increasing the service we provide to our Clients.
Helen Munro – Principal
Ray White Munro Partners Townsville

“Simply I feel I am saving my business around $10,000 per annum in banking transaction costs as well as further saving on insurance, staff time, wages, etc, and reducing the risk of human error when receipting deposits to the Trust Account.”
Genevieve Gollan
Ray White Goondiwindi

“Our arrears have dropped to an amazing 2.65%. Ant office who is not using this system should review their internal payment system.”
Ray White Sutherland

“In approximately 2.5 months, we converted 94% of the total rent roll onto iPayRent. We are very pleased with the system and recommend it to other offices to add value to your business.”
Neal Young
Ray White Moorooka

“We have used iPayRent over the past 4 years and are very happy with the service we receive. The program itself is extremely user friendly.”
Joseph Casalicchio
NSW Realty